Thursday, October 23, 2014

Use a Cork as a Picture Stand

I wanted these hand painted decorative tiles (that tutorial is coming next month!) and wanted them to be able to stand up on their own, so I thought I would hot glue some wine corks on the back. The bottom you can see that I glues them about a 1/2" from the bottom. I didn't need to modify thecork in any ways, just glue it on and then when you stand it upright it leans back slightly on to the cork and stands up the tile.

Review: Eco-Discoveries Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner

My Thoughts:

I like when I get asked to review cleaning supplies because it forces me to clean my house and clean more of it at one time so that I can test out a product on a variety of surfaces. This time I am reviewing Eco-Discoveries Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner. It arrived in a box with the starter kit which includes the bottle, trigger, and small bottle of concentrate. That small bottle of concentrate is added to the bottle after you have added water to it. I love the idea that they are having us mix it at home with our own water because we don't have to pay increased shipping fees for the added weight of water. Who wants to pay to ship water? I certainly don't.

I tried out the cleaner on the floor, counter and mirror. I was really curious to see how it worked on the mirror (it says it works on glass) because you don't often see that counter cleaners that also claim to clean glass. It worked great! No streaks! Now you only need one cleaner for all your surfaces.

Also worth noting is that there is no scent at all from the cleaner, so this is great for those who do not want added scents or fragrances.

Product Description from Eco-Discoveries:

EcoDiscoveries’ Multi-Surface cleaner is a safe and effective solution for cleaning the many surfaces of your home. Its plant-based surfactants are powerful and diverse enough to clean up almost any mess on almost any surface. Oh the possibilities! Safe has countless sides.

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GIVEAWAY and Review: Terro Wasp and Hornet Killer

This product, Terro Wasp and Hornet Killer, is not something you would typically see on Save Green Being Green, but I hope you understand that we are all shades of green and for different purposes. Personally, I hate wasps and hornets and while I take precautions to not expose my kids to sprays when I use them, but I do use them because I want them dead and gone. I was particularly interested in this spray because it is supposed to spray up to 20 feet and we have an area at our cabin where there is a nest that is my the 2nd floor loft window we can't reach without a ladder and do not have one that big there. I also like that it foam because it expands around the nest and you can see exactly how much is covered.

I took a little video that I hope you will watch of me trying to use it (while I am video tapeing, sorry I am not the greatest at multi-tasking those two things) for the first time.

Product Description from Terro:

Wasp and hornets painful stings strike fear in many, but there is a safe and effective way to kill these dreaded pests TERRO® Wasp and Hornet Killer is an easy-to-use entrapping foam spray that coats nests for a complete kill. For outdoor and indoor use, the aerosol can has a powerful jet spray that can reach nests up to 20 feet away, keeping the user a safe distance away from the nest . The entrapping foam kills wasps and hornets inside the nest as well as any returning.

Wasp and hornet nests are often found outdoors under eaves, near windows, doors, patios, carports and outdoor play areas. Indoors, nests are commonly found in attics. TERRO® Wasp & Hornet Killer can be used anywhere nests are built and where food is not exposed.

To prevent wasps from entering your home, spray around areas where they can enter, including gaps around outdoor plumbing and vents, cracks or crevices in foundations and along sills and ledges.

The best time to spray is at sunrise or dusk when insects are least active. Stand a safe distance from the nest and spray the opening of the nest until soaked and then spray the rest of the nest. The entrapping foam will remain on the nest to kill insects that return. Wait at least 24 hours before removing the nest.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Cabin Plants

I took these pictures with my phone, so they aren't the best quality. I just wanted to share some pictures of the beautiful plants at our new cabin. It's fall now and everything is going to die back, but I can come back this winter and spring and see what is going to pup up all around us.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Turn a Counter Top into a DIY Chalkboard and Shelves

This post has 2 projects in one. The first one I will tell you about is the DIY Chalkboard I made with the kids from a leftover piece of countertop (after we did the bottom project.)

As I have mentioned in a previous post, we bought a cabin up north and it was pretty much ready for us to bring our stuff in to it with only a few projects (thankfully!) so some of those projects have been creating spaces outside for the kids to play and encourage them to be outdoors even more.

The picture below show what the leftover piece of countertop looked like. It was a cheap countertop that was clearanced out at Lowe's because it was already cut to size (and either returned or cut wrong). I used Chalkboard Paint Spray that I bought from Lowe's ($6) and painted the entire front side, which would have actually been the underside of it as a countertop.

Then I let the kids help me apply some fun colored duct tape, that they had in their stash, around the edges to seal the wood and over the ledge to cover the paint edges and make it look nice. We bought some Crayola Chalk that is actually a rectangular shape that so it doens't roll off the ledge.

The kids think it is fun to be able to play school outside!

The picture below is how my husband made shelves to go alongside our over the range microwave. Originally in the house there was this HUGE exhaust fan over the stove, but it shorted out and was broken, so we replaced it with an over the range microwave with exhaust. The only problem was that this former exhaust was so big that we couldn't find a microwave big enough to fill it, so we added shelves instead.

My husband bought the piece of counter top because it was the perfect surface for storing oils, spices and more on because it was washable and then we wouldn't have to paint anything (we even put leftover contact paper in the back on the wall). Because the countertop was the same type of material he was looking for to make the shelves and the fact that it was deeply clearanced (where he would had had to pay regular price for the sheets of this material) it was not a huge expense.

And as luck would have it, the leftover piece after he finished making the shelves was the perfect size to make the above chalkboard.

Review: Miss Oops Lace Tube

My Thoughts:

I was sent the Miss Oops Lace Tube to review. They sent me it in the color Beige, but it also comes in the colors white and black. I am wishing I had the black instead because I like it to blend more and I have many black tops and a couple of them can have a bit of a low neckline. Instead of not wearing the tops or having to deal with pins, you should try out the Miss Oops Lace Tube. Mine is in a size M/L and I would say it fits more like a L. I wore it over the top of my bra, as there is not support in it. It is simply a lace tube with elastic. It does exactly what it sets out to do and add more coverage and add visual interest. The top I was wearing below was a jersey material and I thought it helped to dress up my outfit. I like the idea of this product a lot and would love to get a black one as well.

Product Description from Miss Oops:

Need a little extra coverage but would still like a little "peek-a-boo"? Then Miss Oops unlined stretchable lace Tube is for you. It is made like a tube with elastic at the top and bottom to keep it in place. Sold Individually. S/M - sz 32-32", M/L - sz 36-38", L/XL - sz 40-42", 1X - sz 42 -44", 2X - sz 45-48", 3X- sz 48-50" If you wear a D cup, you might need to go up a size. Comes in black, white or beige Lace. Introducing Tube Lace, a stretchable lace band worn around the breasts to transform an existing top into an eye-catching masterpiece. Tube Lace” couples modest cleavage control with the sexy appeal of lace. Tantalizing and tactful, all in one product! Try Tube Lace in black, white, or beige to oops-proof your entire wardrobe.

Find Out More Information about Miss Oops Online:

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Monday, October 20, 2014

GIVEAWAY and Review: HotelSpa Insta Mount Towel Ring

My Thoughts:

I had the opportunity to try out the HotelSpa AquaCare Insta Mount Towel Ring and was pleased with the addition to our cabin. We didn't have a place close to the tub that we could hang a towel from and this was a welcome addition that was easy to install and I did it myself. I was appreciative that we didn't have to drill holes in to the cabinet in order to have a towel ring on the side of the cabinet. We don't have a bunch of tools there with us and had a lot of other projects to do, so it was nice that this one was so quick and easy.

I tried it out inside the smooth fiberglass shower and it easily installed using the suction feature. I thought it is nice to be able to remove the towel ring in order to deep clean the shower. I finally decided that I wanted to install it outside the tub and I tried on both a smooth wall and a cabinet and the suction did not keep, but because it has the holder with very sticky adhesive I used that and it is hanging nicely.

Product Description from HotelSpa:

* Mount instantly on all smooth or textured surfaces without tools, drilling and surface damage
* Safe and secure on ceramic, stone and mosaic tile, shower enclosures, glass shower doors and mirrors
* Dual-mount system includes Power-suction Locks for smooth surfaces and Silicone Adhesive Brackets for textures surfaces
* Patented 90-degree Push-Lock design for superior gripping power
* Portable, can be repositioned instantly at any time
* Can be removed at any time for easy cleaning or if needed
* Sturdy stainless steel tower bars and ring in high-polish chrome finish
* Space-saving adjustable slide brackets allow mounting on small surfaces (even 6" wide) and in corner areas
* Ideal for guest towels, mounts and dismounts when and where needed
* Great for use in bath, kitchen, laundry room and patio
* If used, Silicone Adhesive Brackets are easily removable without damage to tile surface
* Maximum weight capacity for each towel ring is 10lb.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.