Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lowes Build & Grow -- Chalkboard Planter

Isn't this a nice idea for a Lowe's Build and Grow -- a Chalkboard Planter. My son was bummed I saw the flier that came home with him from his last Build and Grow that told about this one. The idea is to make this as a Mother's Day present, which is why he was bummed because it was supposed to be a surprise for me. I will have to pretend that I forgot about it. :)

Anyways, this one is going to be different than how they did then in the past. Usually they are on Saturday mornings, but this time it will be on a THURSDAY EVENING!

This Build and Grow will be on Thursday, May 5th at 7pm. Sign up began a couple days ago, so do not delay and GET REGISTERED TODAY!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DIY Stepping Stones

Making your own Stepping Stones is easy. For the most part all you need is concrete. If you want to make them decorative you just need to find some items to embed in the concrete while it is still wet. I suggest looking for things that are smooth or the edges can be sunk down into the concrete so that it is not jagged and doesn't catch on the bottom of shoes or hurt their feet.

We used throwaway tin foil cake tins from the Dollar Tree. We put our concrete that we mixed in a bucket with a stick inside these cake tins. Because the cake tins from the Dollar Tree that are disposable are very flexible it was easy to pop out the Stepping Stones. Otherwise if you have a solid mold they might not come out as easy

Allow them to dry for at least 24 hours so the concrete can cure before taking them out. We used this project as a family finding time to be together and make something that shows our personality outside our cabin.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Healthy Lunch Idea: Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocado

This is super easy to make and filling as well. Just make tuna salad as you prefer it, using one can of drained tuna mixed with whatever accompaniment you like. I like to use a little bit of mayonnaise and some chopped dill pickle. 1 can of tuna salad should be split between two avocado halves but if you want more protein go ahead and eat the whole can of tuna.

Just fill up a avocado half with the seed removed. I like to scoop it out of the outer layer in advance because then I have an easier time eating this dish. Serve on top of any greens or lettuce that you desire.

This can be a great lunch ideas for the summer time. Works well with low carb eating, clean eating, and paleo diets. You just choose what kind of mix-ins work with your particular style of eating.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Non-Traditional Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

 Earlier this month, I presented you with an idea to make a handprint golden pineapple craft for a child to do. This was a craft project that my son completed to give to his grandparents as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. My husband and I wanted to be creative in what we gave to his parents for their 50th wedding anniversary and we're trying to think of a variety of things that were non-traditional but still considered golden for the golden 50th wedding anniversary.

I thought there may be some other people out there who wanted to not just give a gold frame or some other kind of gold decoration and would like to see what ideas we had.

Those ideas include Bacardi Gold rum, gold gummy bears, Gold Toe socks, a golden frame, a golden helium balloon with a card that wished them well on their golden wedding anniversary, a painting of the Golden Gate Bridge in a gold frame that my daughter made for them, gold Hershey Kisses put in a handmade Pottery dish that I made, and everything was put into a gold gift bag.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: Turn a Cereal Box in to a Magnetic Puppet Theater

This was an individual project that my daughter made a while back in school. I had taken the pictures and put them in a blog post, but just never got around to writing the text to the post.

She had a lot of fun making the project and it took a little bit of time to do it but what I like is that it mainly used supplies we already had at home and re-purposed other supplies, like a couple of cereal boxes.

To turn a cereal box into a puppet theater you will need two cereal boxes or one cereal box and some poster board. The back wall or screen could be made from poster board or some kind of cardboard.

To start out with cut one side length out of your box and secure the top of the box closed. This opening that you will cut out will be where you will insert your magnets attached to Sticks.

Then paint your cereal box on the top and the sides. We use acrylic paint because the glossy part of the Box makes it hard for other paint to stick to. Acrylic paint can go on thick enough that you only have to do one to two coats.

My daughter was making a snail race for her Puppet Theater so she painted a racetrack and grass on the sides.

While that is drying, your child can work on designing a background that you will then tape into place.

Here you can see how we taped it into place. Also, while the box is drying they can make the snails or people or whatever else they want to move by magnets out of cardstock or poster board. It needs to be a sturdy type of paper. You can see the ones my daughter made in the very top photo. Also in that picture you can see how we use thick popsicle sticks and hot glued magnets on the end. Snails or other characters used will be attached to paper clips.

To make the characters move just slide the magnetic pieces through the opening in the back of your Puppet Theater and it will create a connection with the paperclip and allow you to move it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Millennium Park and Sculptures in Chicago

Many of these Sculptures are in Millennium Park, but a couple are not and one of these from this park has now moved on to a new location in the U.S. All off these sculptures are in locations that make them free to go look at.