Tuesday, March 30, 2010

#136 Recycling Sweatshirts (Part 2, Bunny Hat)

The idea to make this Bunny Hat for my son came from Notes from a Very Red Kitchen. So, you can read the directions there, or figure it out by looking at my collage (click to enlarge). It was super simple to make.

So, if you remember a few posts back I set myself on this mission to use up these zip-up hoodies with broken zippers, so that is what I used for this project, the cream colored fleece. It had some nice stretch to it, so I thought it fit the bill. I used white thread & leftover fabric I already owned & tada! I have a bunny hat.

Since my son was napping when I was working on this project I just used a current hat that fit as a template. And due to the thickness of the fleece, the ears stand up ok without stuffing, but I do have some sitting around the house I could use if I decide I want those ears sticking straight up.

He makes a very cute bunny rabbit and does have a cream colored long-sleeve onesie I could put on him to complete the look.

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Katie said...

This is adorable! I love the extra cozy look you get with your cream colored fleece. So fun. Thank you so much for giving me the link to your pictures! It made my day! :)