Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Starbucks for the Unicorn Frappe SOLD OUT!

Yes, we totally bought in to the marketing and had to go try it out. I went on DAY 1 and promised to take the kids after school on DAY 3 (of 5 DAYS). Well, it was sold out. I heard they sold out on DAY 1 at that location. They said that most stores were sold out nationally by DAY 3. I didn't care for the tart sprinkles on top, but other than that I enjoyed the VERY sweet drink.  I only ordered a Tall because I was skeptical and heard it was very sweet. I have a tween that was begging to try it out since she heard about it earlier this week and now a tween that is bummed she never got to try it but says no one in her class had tried it either, so she wasn't really missing out on anything.

I have to say, going there mid day on DAY 3 - which should have been the half way point of their limited time promotion and finding out that we drove to town specifically for this and that it was sold out left a sour taste in my mouth, more sour than those sprinkles. We left without buying anything. Too much hype and now lots of disappointment.

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