Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Where Did We Go Wednesday? RIU Emerald Bay in Mazatlan, Mexico

Just look at these pictures. It's no wonder that we are heading back there again this winter. This is RIU Emerald Bay in Mazatlan.

Yes we are aware of the Travel warnings to Mexico and to this state in Mexico in particular. They are the same warnings as when we went last year and when we had booked last year's trip six months prior to taking it.

We wanted to go to this Resort one more time and enjoy the relaxation that an all-inclusive place affords. There was a ton of food choices and we never got bored of our choices plus there were options for sit down restaurants with reservations.

It is an absolutely gorgeous all-inclusive resort. There were a handful of pools to choose from and a kids club so the kids could go do some crafts or play some games with other kids and not have to just be supervised by Mom and Dad. The kids even participated in a show one of the nights that was put on buy kids going to the kids club. They had a couple of different rehearsal times through the day in order to prepare.

Of course there was also the beach and part of the beach is roped off so that local vendors are not allowed to cross and harass any guests. They are very persistent but it also makes it convenient to have a service or buy something there when you just have to walk down to the beach. My daughter had braids put in her hair on half her head and we just had to walk down to the beach.

We did take a bus into the city of Mazatlan which was an interesting experience. It only cost $0.50 a person but there were so many stops along the way that it seemed to take forever. On the way back we paid a "taxi", which is really just a local with a souped-up golf cart, to take us back to the resort. It was only $10 and well worth it since we were leaving at a time many people were getting off of work and the streets were very crowded and they knew all the back roads to take to get around the city traffic. But also gave us a chance to see some of the houses in Mazatlan. 

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