Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Devil's Lake State Park

Isn't the view from near the top amazing?

I'm not going to kid you this was no easy hiking to get to this spot. There was an easier route, which we took down, but it went through the woods and I really wanted to be overlooking Devil's Lake as much as the road took us.

Devil's Lake state park is in Baraboo Wisconsin which is near Wisconsin Dells. We met some family in Wisconsin Dells for the weekend but we left earlier so that we could do additional things besides water parks.

Hiking on this was a bit much for some of us and we should have brought along a lot more water than we did. Actually, it was the adults who remember to grab water bottles and the kids did not. We had severely underestimated the intensity of the hiking.

And is definitely worth checking out the state park if you are in the Wisconsin Dells area and want to get away from all the hubbub of water parks and shopping and tourist attractions.

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