Monday, September 21, 2009

Installing Our Rain Barrel

This is the rain barrel that I took a class on & assembled there. It was a great deal as the class included the rain barrel and was only $25. The city received some kind of grant to pay for part of the cost and the barrel were all donated by Coca-Cola (they used to hold Diet Coke syrup). So, you might want to consider talking to your local Coca-Cola plant about getting a barrel from them. And with a few more parts from a hardware store, we have ourselves a completed rain barrell.

This will be a nice way for my daughter to water the plants without having the hose running for a long time. Since we have a metal downspout with an elbow bend, we were able to just cut part of the long straight piece and reattach the elbow bend at the end at the height we needed it.

Now we just need some rain (seriously! we are in a drought now). Actually, I went to class 2 weeks ago and we have not had any rain since then. I don't know when we had rain last. It's been a while.

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