Friday, November 12, 2010

The Verdict on Baby Food Muffins

Well, you can tell by the picture of my son that they were a hit with him. I ate mine plain (without the cream cheese he has) because I had the first one and wanted to evaluate it.

My evaluation: The proportion of wet to dry ingredients was perfect. It baked moist, but not too moist. But unless I was biting in to a spot with a carrot chunk there was no flavor. It wasn't that it was bad, there was just no flavor at all. Next time I think I will add a little minced onion and some chives and maybe a dash of rosemary too. That ought to kick up the flavor.

So, since I thought it was lacking flavor I decided to give it some by putting a smear of cream cheese on it. My son gobbled them right up, which is good because he'll be having a muffin for breakfast too.

For another recipe sneaking in veggies, check out my recipe on Black Bean Brownies.

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