Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Repurpose Idea to Make a Travel Art Container

My kids are long past the wipes stage, but somehow I still had a couple of these laying around. They are not past the coloring and drawing stage. So, for our recent trip to the West Coast, I made up these travel packs for them with a set of markers and a handful of crayons. You could easily fill up a box of crayons without the markers, but I knew my kids would want markers and used the extra space to add some crayons in case they wanted to use both.


Scott said...

That's a really great idea for something like markers. Especially since it was designed to be waterproofing the first place!

Melissa Vera said...

What a great idea and I can see using these on road trips. Maybe it will solve the problem of random pens and pencils everywhere.