Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#ad Review: #nespressomilkfrother Espresso & Coffee Candy Set with 2 Mugs - Nespresso Milk Frother - Coffee Clip/Spoon

This Nepresso Espresso and Coffee Candy Set with 2 Mugs - Nespresso Milk Frother - Coffee Clip/spoon  is a really good set even though I received this at a discounted price to review it. All photographs, thoughts and opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received. I think the current price seems like a good value at under $22. You get 2 mugs in an olive green color. The mugs seems to be a good heavy quality. The mugs are ribbed and have a nice handle. It also comes with 2 bags of candy: Espresso candy which have a soft espresso center and hard coffee candy as well. They have a nice coffee flavor that will be appreciated by any coffee lover, which I am. 
I have saved the best for last of this gift set, and it is the milk frother and measuring spoon that doubles as a coffee bag clip. I really wish I knew how to make the fancy froth decorations, but I guess pinterest can help me learn how to do this. You get everything you see in that top photo (well, not the coffee I made.)

It very quickly froths up. I tried it with half and half, as well as whipping cream. I was able to increase the volume of the whipping cream by 4x in just a few seconds. I had a friend over for a coffee date my second time using the frother and was immediately impressed with how fancy our coffee drinks were going to be with froth on the top and flavored syrup in the drink.
I also love the measuring spoon that doubles as a bag clip because I am always losing our spoon in the cupboard and now it will be attached to our current open bag.

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