Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cheaper Balloons that "Fill In a Minute"

I don't normally share "deals" on products unless I am doing a review on it. This was not a review. It was something my kids asked for all last summer and asked for a couple times this summer. I decided to go in search of them for a cheaper price than the "As Seen On TV" call to order ones.

I found these ones on Amazon (not an affiliate link) and they are shipped from overseas, so I took a chance on the shipping time. Now, I bought them for about $3 for the whole bunch (of 110) you see, shipped and or course prices change rapidly on Amazon, but I suggest checking out the Busy Toys Storefront and looking through what they have to offer. Now it looks like there best price is about $5 for 148 of them. Don't just buy the first ones you see, check the reviews and do a price search. You can certainly get them cheaper that the $9.99 ASOT price (plus s&h).

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