Wednesday, August 5, 2009

#73 Read the Newspaper/Magazine Online

This is an easy one. Many newspapers are free online daily and many magazines are putting the content to their magazines online a month later (they still want to cash in on the newstand sales and subscriptions that come from people who want to read their content sooner). Newspapers and magazines are still making money from advertisers who advertise in print and online and by advertising online you will be exposed to those advertisements while reading the newspaper there. By reading these items online you are not creating a need to create more products (& have them delivered). The downside is that not all content from either may make it online and it might not be as easy to find particular articles or advertisements instead of being able to read cover to cover.

If you really want to read it cover to cover & not pay for it or cause more paper to be used, then go to the library. Libraries tend to have many magazines that you can check out and also get the daily paper. Or try a local coffee shop, as someone usually leaves the paper they bought sitting there for others to read after they have left and some coffee shops have a collection of magazine that people have bought & left there and other customers get the benefit of reading them.

Also, remember you can probably sit down and read a newspaper or magazine when you are at various medical or dental appointments or at the gym. The gym usually has a pretty large selection of magazines that they subscribe to for their patrons.

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