Monday, August 10, 2009

#78 Make Straw Beads

My daughter & I just made these. We re-used 4 straws from a restaurant we went to and some paper ads cut from a magazine. The other supplies you need is some glue, some kind of string, and a pair of scissors and you are ready to make homemade beads. 4 straws was enough to make a necklace and bracelet for a preschooler.

It's actually a pretty simple craft. I cut the paper from magazine ads before I assembled our supplies, and I cut the “beads”, but everything else was hers to do. She could have probably cut the beads with a little help.
* Assemble supplies (paper strips cut to size, straws, glue, scissors, plastic needle & string)
* Apply glue over the entire backside of the paper
* Roll straw over paper from one end to the other, covering the entire straw
* Allow to dry
* Cut into desired sized beads
* Cut desired length of string to make bracelet/necklace/etc.
* String beads using plastic needle (I used yarn, so it worked best with the needle) and string
* Tie ends together.
* TaDa!

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