Sunday, August 16, 2009

#85 Recycle Your Children's Artwork

We all know how fast this can and does accumulate and really, what do you do with all of them? You can only keep so many. We use paintings and drawings as wrapping paper. From time to time let them have a big sheet of packing paper or butcher paper and you will be able to wrap up those larger pieces. Everyone seems to love the personal touch of homemade wrapping paper and I get to save money on buying wrapping paper and can share the art work that they put the time into making. Sometimes we even specifically make artwork that will be used as wrapping paper and other times I just grab some out of the bin of artwork.

We do this with cards as well. Usually for cards, we specifically plan an art project that will involve us making card(s). Not only does my child get to be creative and have fun, but she works on creating something for someone special and I get to save money on buying a card. We all know that cards can be just a formality, especially when it is just something they read quickly once and then they get recycled. People seem to be more appreciative of the homemade card and have a tendency to hang on to them or display them rather than recycle them.

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