Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review: Just Think Toys Bath Blocks

I was excited for my kids to help me with this review and I must admit that they did fight over who got to take the first bath. My kids are 6 and 9 and both were very eager to try out the Just Think Toys Bath Block Floating Airport Set. 

Honestly, I thought I was going to get a different set of blocks because a set that lets them create waterfalls was pictured when I signed up and that is what I had told the kids about. When I opened the package I saw this set and wasn't sure what he kids would think, but they love it. 

I went to the Just Think Toys website  to see what exactly this set was and learn more about the company. What I learned was that this is just one of MANY sets you can buy. You could create a whole floating town and you are only limited by the size of your tub.

I knew that they these blocks contain NO PVC or phthalates which is why I had agreed to do this review. I also liked that they are made of mildew and bacteria resistant EVA.

MY KIDS LOVE THESE! My 6 year old must have called me in to the bathroom at least a half dozen time the first time he played with these to see how he could make them stick together, how they float on the water and how they stick to the side of the tub. Plus he was excited that once he dried them off (just wipe off) he could take them in his room and continue to play with them. So, this is a great toy for someone who doesn't want to have separate bath and play toys for their kids.

I still want to get the kids the waterfall set and the cooking set. They love to pretend they are "cooking" while they bathe. These are such fun sets!

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