Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review: Urban Athletic Running Belt #RunningBeltforWomenMen

I had wanted to get one of these for some time ago when I was training for a half marathon. On those runs I would have a lot more things along with me than like small hydration bottles, gum, asprin, energy blocks, as well as mp3 player, phone and a key. My running pants only have small zipper compartments that are not big enough for a phone. Plus, I don't like trying to cram so much in one little zippered pocket because it then looks like I have some kind of growth on my back. With this Urban Athletic Belt I can have things spread out in different areas around my waist.

Plus there is a key hook attachment that you can hook a key ring on so that they do not move around and a pocket in front to just put your phone it. I have a Samsung Galaxy III with a hardcase on it and it fit in the phone pocket completely. There are slits in the running belt all around so you can access the inside from all different spots.

I have been wearing this in the fall in MN and the extra layer is nice as wind protection. I am looking forward to wearing this for winter running as well so I have some place to stick my extra layers that I decide I do not need as I warm up on the run, like running sleeves, gloves, and hat.

Disclosure: I received this running belt at a discount. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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