Thursday, June 30, 2016

DIY Harry Potter Book Costume Accessories

My daughter was Hermione this past year for Halloween. And these are all of the accessories that I made for her. I thought with the new Harry Potter movie coming out there might be some interest in costume ideas. Plus there is the new big Hogwarts and Harry Potter area at Universal Studios. I am hoping to take my kids there in a couple years when my youngest is more interested in Harry Potter and all of his stories.

So to start off with I made a tie in the Gryffindor colors using felt. Felt is a great fabric to use when making costumes because you don't need to worry about frame and can leave edges raw and they are fine. So to make that I all I did was cut out a tie shape used fabric glue and glued on the slanted stripes. On the back I glued on a pin that you would use in jewelry making.

I did sew the scarf because I wanted to make sure it would withstand washing since I was making it in duplicate because my son wanted one too. These are our school colors as well so I wanted them to have a fun scarf that was thick and warm to where in the winter or two outdoor sports games and show their school colors. On one of the pictures you can see where I flipped over to the backside. I cut full scarf length pieces in one color and then cut out rectangles in the other color and sew them into place. This was pretty easy to do since all of it was straight stitches so you needed minimal sewing skills. But now we have a striped scarf in both Gryffindor colors and our school colors.

Next I created a patch of sorts that is on the Robes of the kids in each of the houses at Hogwarts. I went online and found an image of the Gryffindor badge and printed it off on iron on paper. Make sure you flip the image before you print it so that the words appear the right way. Then I ironed it on to some white fabric and trimmed around the edges and finally I glued into place a pin just like I used for the tie and pinned it on to the robe. The robe we used is a small graduation type robe. In case the kids wanted to use that room for another type of costume I didn't want to iron the patch directly onto that so I made it up in a pin instead.

Finally I made wands out of Chopsticks and hot glue. These are pretty simple to make. Just Google which wand do you want to make so you know what it looks. These are two of the three that we made. All you need to do is apply hot glue onto a chopstick in the design of the one you are trying to create. Allowed the hot glue to dry completely and harden before painting and then just paint.

For the rest of her costume, I found a collared dress shirt and a jumper (instead of a sweater vest and pleated skirt) in the uniform section on Children's Place online. I borrowed a wig from a friend and bought her a time turner necklace from Amazon. I bought her a pair of maryjane dress shoes (which would be her dress shoes for the school year) and I just happened to have a pair of knee high socks in grey in my sock drawer.

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