Monday, June 27, 2016

Patriotic Pie

I didn't go quite the easy route on this desert like I did and some of the others I have shared with you the last 2 months but I did use canned pie filling. I made homemade pie crust because I think there is nothing better in the world than having a homemade pie crust made with butter. It is so buttery and Flaky and just tastes divine.

Typically 1 can of pie filling may fill up a fight in depending upon the size of your by 10. But for this one I wanted to have two colors underneath so I bought a can of both blueberry and Cherry Pie fillings. I filled in three quarters it with cherry pie filling and one quarter with blueberry pie filling.

I did make a double pie crust recipe but you could buy the ready-made pie crust that Pillsbury makes to use for the top stars and stripes and you could you use a frozen pie crust for the bottom.

If you have a small star cookie cutter that would work great to make the stars but I didn't have that so I did them free hand. It gives them a quirky look.

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