Tuesday, September 20, 2016

DIY Cheer Pants

I made these DIY cheer pants for my daughter this year because she made a competitive cheer team. They do have both pants and a jacket that are optional for them to buy and we're over there uniform but they are just that optional. It was going to cost $40 for the pants alone and they did say cheer on them but they weren't anything really all that special and the only function they have is to keep them warm before they go out and compete. So I went to nearest Old Navy and picked up a pair of yoga pants and got some iron on transfer letters and basically just iron them on and peeled off the backing and created a pair of pants for her to wear. We plan to do something similar with a warm-up jacket. That we also have from Old Navy and will do an iron-on for that as well instead of paying $50 for a jacket that she would only wear to keep warm before competitions. Considering she only has four meet these products might not get used that much and she will probably outgrow them before the season next year.

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