Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pottery Candle Jack-o-Lanterns

I just love this set that I made. It was all made by slab rolling and hand building. I think they look even better in person. It was hard to get the lighting right for the colors to show up and also have them look how they do in real life. To start out with a slab ruled out all of my clay and head different shapes of cylinders and Cones that I molded them around. After letting them sit for a while too allow the clay to harden a bit I carved in the jack-o'-lantern features and any indentations I made.

The tray on the bottom has a texture on it that I made by pressing in texture mats. And made the leaves by using a leaf form that I bought on Amazon. The places I used on the darker orange and the wife are both a textured glaze that I put a clear coat of glaze over the top to make it a little smoother but I wanted to see how the rough look would turn out. I actually liked how those turned out better than the yellows glaze that I use which was called Fool's Gold. The tree and all of the features on the jack o'lanterns and ghost are all used in a fire brick color glaze.

Inside I talked a battery-operated tea light but you could use a regular tea light if you wanted. I love how the light shines through the jack o'lantern features.

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