Friday, July 28, 2017

What are these weird creatures? Pine Sawfly Caterpillars

Well, I will tell you what they are -- they are caterpillars for a Pine Sawfly! My kids noticed them on this pine bush by our house and they are destructive buggers. They had already eaten away a few branches inside, so we had not noticed them before. After doing some research I found out they will eat away at pine and end up killing it if you don't kill them first and you need to kill them as caterpillars so they don't turn in to a Sawfly and lay eggs causing an bigger problem and more destruction.

Now the problem is that they are pretty resistant (from my research) and you need to be sure you pick an insecticide that kills WASPS! They belong to the same family as the wasp. So, forget about an insecticide that kills flies or caterpillars, it must say that it will kill wasps. As long as you know this and use that, you should be good. These were pretty killed as soon as I sprayed them. I don't typically spray for insects because they are part of the food hierarchy and beneficial to something, but this was going to kill my nice big pine bushes and I wasn't going to stand for that.

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