Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Where Did We Go Wednesday? RBNC Macro Invertebrates Class

Did you know that many nature centers offer a variety of classes for kids, adults, and Families? We used to be able to get more of the classes in when we were not as busy but as the kids grow older their schedules get busier. This class was a macroinvertebrate class at the river bend Nature Center in Faribault Minnesota.

It was quite an interesting class and we discovered many creepy things living in the pond.  they look even creepier when you look at them under microscopes.

Usually classes there are very low-cost or possibly even free. I encourage you to check them out and see what is available to you. Ours changes whenever we get different interns, so each year it might be different classes. Also oftentimes nature centers offer day camps so that might be an option to help round out your child summer especially if they are starting to complain of boredom.

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