Friday, January 7, 2011

$25 Off at Gardens Alive

You need to request a catalog here from Gardens Alive to get the coupon for $25 . I already have my catalog because I am already on their mailing list. So, next year you should get a catalog (with coupon if they offer it again like they did the past few years) in the mail without requesting it. Otherwise, right now on their website they have a promotion to get $20 off a $40 order. You will have to pay shipping & handling, but as long as your order is under $20 the shipping & handling will be $7.95.

They do have a variety of organic seeds to choose from (which is what I plan to buy) and sprout seeds (which you can start growing those indoors NOW!). The seed prices start at $3.25, which is what I have seen organic seed packets sell for at Lowe's and is cheaper than organic seed packets listed in catalogs from other seeds companies that I have started to receive. So, you will be able to purchase a lot of organic seeds, approximately 7-8 seed packets for the shipping & handling cost of $7.95. That's really about $1 a seed packet.

Just think about how much organic produce you will be able to provide for your family (& your friends & neighbors) for approximately $8.

Remember, if you are planning on gardening without chemicals, it is best to use organic seeds. Non-organic seeds have been tested & grown in environments with chemicals used, so theoretically will not thrive as well in an environment where chemicals fertilizers or pesticides are not used.

Of course, they do have a variety of other products related to gardening. I have to respect their slogan "Environmentally Responsible Products that Work!"

Good luck with your garden planning

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