Thursday, July 2, 2015

25-cent Rides at Bay Beach Amusement Park

Bay Beach Amusement Park is in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is a wonderfully affordable way to entertain your family this summer. Tickets are only 25-cents a piece. You read that correctly! Most of the rides for 5 and under are only one ticket. Even the roller coaster, the Zippin Pippin is only 4 tickets, which means it is $1. And if you don't use all your tickets, you can save them for your next visit, even if it next year.

And it's not just the rides that are affordable. You can get snow cones for $1.50 and popcorn for $1 and many other carnival treats for an affordable price. Even the souvenir stand is priced to sell. I found that t-shirts cost a few dollars less than other tourist attractions we have been too.

Also, they have pony rides for only $2. You can't beat that. I have always seen pony rides for $5 at fairs and carnivals. Because of the affordable price a pony ride, this is where I let my kids get one each summer.

Come back in a few weeks and check out more pictures of our annual trip to Bay Beach in my Wordless Wednesday post on July 22, 2015.

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