Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Easy Star Hair Design for Girls

To do this you should be prepared with 5 hair ties and any bows you want to use. If your child has curly hair like mine it might be easier to use wet hair rather than dry hair.

I took the first third section of hair at the top of her head and split it equally into three sections. Secure each of those sections with a hair tie. The section at the very top can be secured tight but the ones on the side should be somewhat loose until you have put your star lines in place.

Divide each of the sections into two sections. Twist the hair up. If the hair is wet it should stay Twisted nicely and the hair will be smooth. Use the picture as reference to where you should put your hair sections. Use the remaining two hair ties to make the bottom two points. For a variation you could braids the sections after they have been separated.

Hopefully these directions are not too confusing. I think it is really easily to just look at the picture to figure it out.

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