Friday, May 13, 2016

FREE 4-Day Camps at Microsoft

My kids did the Kodu Game Lab, which is a 4 day camp, at the Microsoft store at the Mall of America last year. Yes, my son is under the age of 8-11 for this camp, but there was a spot open and I asked if he could and said I would stay there with him the entire time, otherwise parents just drop off at these camps.

The other camps they have are for 12+ and are in Learn to Code: Flatverse and "Start Your Own Business" and both of those camps are 4 days as well. 

I really appreciated that the camp was free and that all the programs they worked on were able to be downloaded for free. My son will still open up Kodu and program him to do things. This is a great experience to help your children learn some new skills.

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