Friday, May 27, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Gift #5: Thanks for Being a TEA-rrific Teacher DIY Mug

The mug itself is a project I found on Pinterest. This website, The Sweetest Occasion, has some pretty good instructions on how to make a mug like this one. I have read a lot of posts though where people have failed horrible at making this project. I found that the key is to use a lot of fingernail polish right away. This was a good project to use up colors that we had not used in a while that were about half full but we still ended up using about 6 or 7 bottles that were half full to do just one mug.

The other one my daughter made for herself in blues and was hoping it would look like waves in the ocean. She is a swimmer and really like the idea of having a mug like that.

The mug she made for her art teacher she stuffed it with a variety of Teas and we attached a card that said "Thanks for being a TEA-rrific Teacher!"

Her art teacher appreciated the time and creativity she put into this.

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