Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Elf Star Take-a-Part Build Toy

I got this product, Elf Star Take-a-Part Build Toy, for a deep discount for the purpose of reviewing it. All thoughts, opinions, and photographs are my own.

The age on this is for 5 and older and I knew that my 6 year old son would love to try it out. There were 4 different kits to choose from and each kid had two different plans to make automobiles.

It comes with colorful instructions that were pretty easy to follow for my son and I. For the most part he could do it on his own but needed help holding the nuts in place while he used the screwdriver type tool to screw it into place. He thought being able to use the tools while putting it together made it more fun.

We have put together one of the designs so far. He wants to keep playing with that one for a while before he disassembles it and rebuild it to follow the other instructions.

The only thing I wanted to point out was that the packaging is just a brown box with writing on it as you can see in the picture. If someone were to be giving this as a gift it doesn't present as cool looking as a lot of other gifts would win this is just in a brown cardboard box. But since we were doing it for a review and playing with it at home it didn't matter as much but I know for some people the presentation of the packaging says a lot.

Product Description from Company:

The take apart vehicle is a great development toy for children who love to assemble and build! With this set, children can build their own vehicle, take it apart and rebuild again. Two plus models can be built from the set. Encourage your children to find more possible ways to build. The fun is endless! Features:

• Non-toxic eco-friendly rubber fiber material, safe to the children
• Large brightly colored pieces, easy for small hands to maneuver
• Precision craft, no sharp edges
• Fifty (50) pieces including necessary tools

• Improve hand-eye coordination
• Encourage spatial thinking
• Develop patience and attention
• Create quality parenting time
Recommended Age: 5 and Up

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