Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Loom Knit Scrubbie for Dishes

I made these quite a while ago for my mom. The smaller pink and white one I used the peach flower loom. That was the first one I made and I wasn't thrilled how small it turned out so I made the next one using the blue small round loom in the Knifty Knitter set.

For both of them I used tulle on a spool. Usually you can find these for under $2 a spool. This is also the same kind of tool I used to make these cute little skirts with.

They are pretty quick to make and you use a standard stitch on the loom. For the large one I cashed on 12th Rose and then cast off the same way you would close up a hat X bringing a strand through each of the loops on each page then hang tight. Then cut another strand of the tool and go through each of the loops on the opposite side and pull tight. Then I tied in a couple of knots to keep the front and back side tied together and keep it flat.

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