Thursday, May 4, 2017

Growing a Three Sisters Garden

I recently went to a Companion Gardening class at an area library. (It was actually a library I had not been to, but I saw the free class on FB and thought I would go check it out and was glad I did.)

There were a lot of interesting take-aways from that class, but I was particularly drawn to the handout about a Three Sisters Garden, which is corn, beans and squash/pumpkins/melons all planted together. The instructions are for a 4 sq ft area, which is the size of my raised beds.

I usually grow beans as well as squash and pumpkins and I might decide to grow corn but I usually grow it for decoration in the fall or to add visual interest in my gardens and food for animals that come to our yard, so I am thinking this year I will grow multi-colored corn as something different to grow. I think the kids will enjoy seeing the colors they develop.

I am trying not to hold on to papers that just add more clutter, so I thought if I put them on my blog then I have a digital version that I can reference and can share with others.

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