Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Shrohaven Dairy Farm

This past week I went with my son on a field trip to Shrohaven Dairy Farm in Owatonna, Minnesota. It is an Organic Valley Farm. Wild we were there the kids got to see how milkers work and how they get the milk from the cow and into the tank. They were introduced to three different breeds of college. They also had a petting zoo set up with baby farm animals including a sheep, goat, piglets, and a pony. At the end of the field trip the kids were given a snack of organic valley milk and string cheese as well as some cookies to dip in their milk. The Minnesota Dairy Association sponsors these farm field trips for our school and they get to go to another farm when they are in third grade. They gave me a couple coupons for Organic Valley products, but I am afraid I forgot about them in my pocket and they went through the wash.

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