Friday, May 5, 2017

High 5 for Hope 5k

It has been a while since I have done erase. I have really fallen out of running and 10 to go to spin class and yoga class more often. Both of those things are beneficial to me but I don't get the speed I used to have when I was running more. The last couple weeks I have decided I needed to kick it up a notch and B cross training even more.

To be honest, this was my slowest 5K Pace since I have started running. I could blame it on the Hills I could blame it on the wind but the fact was I have only been running 3 miles once a week for the last couple weeks and for three months before that not running at all and only doing Spin and yoga. The good news is that because of all the spin I had no problems with breathing and my heart rate didn't Spike too high comma it's that my legs were being used and trained in a different way.

Now that it is getting warmer outside I would like to get on my bike on the trail more often as I really have been enjoying biking a lot. I will go biking by myself or as running I often dread having to do by myself. But I do plan to get out there and try to start running 3 miles a couple times a week. I plan to do that in addition to biking and yoga , both things I enjoy.

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