Friday, June 12, 2009

It amazes me how many people do not know about Freecycle. Freecycle is an online place where you can post items you have to give away or are looking for that are FREE! Go to the website and find a Freecycle in your area. The one in my area spans 2 counties. I have given away a ton of things we no longer needed on here and have gotten several things as well. Just be sure to know where you are driving to, since the gas to go pick up an item might cost you more than you would have spent buying it somewhere closer.
But the great thing is that you are reusing items people no longer want instead of those items ending up in a landfill and instead of you purchasing something new which have environmental impacts related to production and shipping.
You can also try the Free section on Craigslist. Or your community might have other places that free items are listed online. When we lived in the Twin Cities we would use Twin Cities Free Market.
Just remember to always use caution when meeting strangers.

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