Saturday, June 27, 2009

#29 Unplug Unused Appliances & Electronics

My husband gets annoyed that I am constantly unplugging things behind him and in turn I am annoyed he doesn't unplug items he is done using. I am trying to prevent that phantom power-load that occurs when appliances & electronics use, even while turned off. I am not convinced that even though and item does not have a “power light” on it doesn't mean it's not drawing power. I would rather not pay for and waste any money/energy if I don't have to.

But think about the electronics your may have in various parts of your home that are used infrequently. Do you have anything in a guest bedroom using up energy when no one is there to enjoy it? Unplug it until you have guests again.

It is also suggested to use power strips to plug in your electronics that tend to accumulate on one area (like your entertainment systems or computer systems), so that you can turn off the power strip to stop the flow of electricity, yet still keep everything plugged in so it is not such a hassle to plug everything back in.

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