Monday, June 22, 2009

#23 Raise Your Thermostat

This is a post for all those people living comfortably in their central air who have their homes set at a constant temperature all year long. Basically, the formula is the same but in reverse as lowering your thermostat. During the warmer months you will save 1% for every 1 degree your raise your thermostat during an 8-hour period. During the day, when you are away, raise the temperature by 5-10 degrees (just as you would at night) and when you are home keep your temperature raised a couple degrees and enjoy the savings in your pocketbook and the peace of mind know you are reducing CO2 emissions.

If you are like our family & have hot water heat and your cooling system is window A/C, you can still take advantage of your thermostat by monitoring the indoor temperature on there. Turn off your A/C when you leave the house.

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