Sunday, June 14, 2009

#13 Use the Library

Why come people don't use the library, even if occasionally, I don't understand. Essentially, our tax dollars are paying for it, so why not use it's services. It's not like my tax dollars will be decreased if I don't use it.

Anyways, we use the library for so many services. We request books & movies for both my daughter & myself. I am even able to request new releases of both books & DVDs. I may have to wait several weeks (or months), but I have saved myself the cost of a rental fee. Plus I am able to check out a movie for a week, as opposed to a daily rental fee.
Think about how often you will actually re-read a book or re-watch a movie. I seriously cannot come up with a fiction book that I would re-read. There are some non-fiction books that I would use as reference that I would choose to buy & use over & over, but it is helpful to “screen” them from the library so you know exactly what you would be buying.
We also go to storytime and many other special events for kids that are planned. We participate in the summer reading program and my daughter is earning prizes for having us read books to her.

For those that don't have computer access, the library is a great place to get free internet access. Our library also has movie screenings on big screen, so you can enjoy a theater-like experience for free. Another perk our library has is it's wonderful selection of Melissa & Doug and Montessori toys that are available to checkout (just like a book). It helps extend our toy selections and after having them for three weeks, my daughter loses interest and we return them and can pick out some new ones. It's almost like having a rotating toy box without the cost involved. Our library also has wonderful play area with bins of blocks, marble-works, dinosaurs, Little Tikes Explorer computers, a huge equipped dollhouse, etc. A visit to the library to check out books also becomes a play destination.

And what I love best is that I can plan out a theme for the month to teach my daughter and can request books, videos, curriculum books from the library and they contact me when they are in. I save myself time and energy by requesting them online and having someone else find them for me at our libraries or other libraries in our system.

You can also check out magazines from the library or read the newspaper there. The library saves us a tremendous amount of green while we share items with many other people and do not create the need for increased production & shipping.

Oh! And if your library or library system does not carry a particular book or video you may be interested, don't be afraid to suggest it to them for purchase. In the past few years, I have done this four times and all four times they decided to purchase the book.

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