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Preview of Books By You!

I recently was asked to do a preview of Books By You and here is what I was able to preview:
Your friend Jessica Shallow thought you might find this story of interest...
excerpts from a personalized children's novel titled The Enchanted Castle!
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"The Enchanted Castle" is an adventure to remember and stars Isabel and Henry, who journey to a magical estate filled with wonder and mystery. What exciting secrets will they discover within these ancient walls?

In The Enchanted Castle, Isabel and Henry vacation at a mysterious old castle, where they meet new friends and adventures unfold as they discover an amazing array of secret jewels ... including a charmed ring that grants wishes! Isabel performs magic tricks with an invisible friend, foils a robbery attempt, and plays with statues that come to life. When Isabel and Henry learn the castle is in danger of destruction, they must devise a plan to save their beloved playground.

Isabel & Mommy on an adventure...
(Note: these excerpts are edited for this demo.
Character selections are NOT highlighted in bold within the printed book.)
The golden arch leading to the enchanteed castle ... "What's wrong? Are you thinking this might not be a good adventure?" Mommy asked with a smile. "Don't you trust me?"
After passing an empty lot full of weeds along with a pile of tangled, rusted barbed wire, Isabel thought the adventure might not be the good kind. Who would put a castle in the middle of this plain, boring stuff?
Soon the car passed under a big, ornate golden arch. It was supported by huge pillars on either side, each topped by a white statue.
"Look at that guy in the chariot!" Henry shouted, staring at the statue on the left. As Isabel looked at it she read the name "Apollo" from the carving underneath.
"Whoa, look at the lady with the helmet and shield!" Isabel pointed out the statue on the right. Her name, "Athena," was also carved below.
Isabel stretched her neck, trying to see what this castle place looked like, but she couldn't see any buildings. The drive was lined with trees on both sides that arched over the top, and they went on further than Isabel could see. First a long procession of green, leafy trees flashed by, followed by dozens of trees with dark purple leaves. Then green trees again, then purple ... They seemed to go on forever!
Isabel the invisible detective...
...The door closed again. Isabel was glad it did. It was frightening to come across the men. The air felt dangerous, and being invisible didn't seem safe enough. Isabel had seen as much as she wanted to see. The robbers were wrapping up silver dishes in cloth bagsThe burglars try to sneak away!
"Hurry up; we have to go!" she heard one of the robbers say.
"What are you doing?" Isabel demanded through the door. The rustling inside the room stopped immediately.
"What was that? Did you hear that?" Isabel heard someone whisper.
There was silence in the room until one of the burglars said, "It was a little voice. It doesn't matter. What could a kid do?"
"What are you doing?" Isabel said again, only louder this time and she tried to make her voice sound deep and spooky. One of the robbers opened the door and shone the flashlight throughout the hallway.
"Who are you?" the gruff-voiced burglar said.
"You know who I am. You know you should not be here. You should not be doing this."
Suddenly there was a clanging and crashing and the door to the room flew open, banging loudly against the wall. Two large men ran past Isabel, and the second one tripped over the outstretched leg of our invisible detective. As the thief jumped back up to his feet, he cried, "They're after me, they're after me." He ran down the hall, through the passageway and out the door.
Isabel, the brave detective, stops criminals in the act!Isabel thought proudly to herself.
A wish gone wrong...
...Isabel was taken by the magic of the enchanted garden and the beauty of the statues. Without thinking very carefully, she blurted, "Wow, I wish I was a statue." As Isabel said this, she Statue of Athenastretched out her right hand and put her left hand on her heart as if making a pledge. Much to her surprise, Isabel immediately froze in that position.
As Henry arrived he could see Isabel, white, stony, and lifeless; even her blonde hair was now quite white. The once green eyes were now white and her hands, clothes, and shoes...everything was the hard, cold white of marble. Isabel had her wish: she was a statue.
Henry could not speak for a moment. This was too terrible; it was worse than anything that had happened yet. Henry reached out and touched Isabel's hand. It was cold and lifeless. "Oh, Isabel, I'm sorry," he said, and gave the hand a squeeze. "I'll figure out how to fix this, I promise." Isabel just stood there silently.

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