Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lowes Build & Grow for February

 Bring your (grand)children to Lowe's on February 11th to make a Valentine Card Creator. It appears to be a little desk that opens for storage and appears to include cards, stickers and pencils.

My daughter is going to love creating this project - a project to create projects.

On February 25th, your (grand)children will have a chance to make this Rumblin' Race Car. They will love putting the stickers on there, probably as much as the rumbling sound it makes.

As I was typing this up, my son was pointing to this saying, "Please! Please! Please!"


It is always best to sign up in advance. I have noticed that registration closes the day before, so don't wait until the last minute. You might be able to get a kit if you are not registered if there are spots are available or if there are no-shows.

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Jose Gueits said...

this is great to do in family