Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday: Sprinkler Time

 Get double duty out of your sprinkler. If you need to water your lawn (these were taken while visiting family in PA where lawns were in desperate need of water) then have your kids put on their swimsuits and have fun playing in that water. They can cool off and have fun while your lawn gets a drink.

 When we came back to MN from our trip to PA, we did the same thing with our lawn. Turned on the sprinkler and let my daughter and the neighbor play in it while we tried to help the grass from dying off.

Be sure to set a timer to remind you to turn off your water or to move it to a new section. Also, it is best to water in the early morning or evening to prevent water from evaporating before it is absorbed in to plants.

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Althea Tumlin said...

Was your brother-in-law a real plumber? Well, in any case, he sure is quite a handy man! That was cool! You were able to save a lot of money from maintenance and repair expenses.

Althea Tumlin