Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: NuNAAT Brazilian Hair Products

Usually when people see ALL of my hair they are surprised at how long it is, and how curly. Right now my hair goes down about half way down my back and I have natural curl that gets to frizzy in humid weather. And because of this natural curl in my thick hair it just absorbs all odors in the air and everything else in the air and water! I say water because it is now pool time (YES!!! Finally!!! We have had 2 pool days so far in Minnesota. It had been a Loooooong winter this year!) So, why am I telling you about my hair when I am supposed to be telling you about this product. It's because NuNAAT makes hair products specifically formulated to your hairs needs and what my hair needs is the Brazilian Keratin!

NuNAAT Brazilian Keratin is formulated to work with all hair types, but it is designed to help control frizz and restore everday moisture. Here are the benefits they list on their website:

  • Works with all hair types 
  • Repairs cuticle damage 
  • Regenerates and strengthens hair fibers 
  • Restores natural shine and softness 
  • Seals hair cuticles 
  • Reduces volume and frizz 
  • Makes hair resilient and healthy 
  • Formaldehyde and sodium chloride free 
  • Great for every day use. 
  • Also recommended for those who have professionally relaxed/straightened hair to keep hair at its best between touch-ups.

This was my first time using a hair mask. As many hair products as I have used on my hair on my hair over the years, a mask has not been one of them. So I was very excited  to try it out. I LOVE IT!! I am now wondering how I have gone my whole life so far without ever using one. It does take a little planning ahead since I need to let it sit on my hair for 15 minutes before showering and I usually don't think that far ahead before showering, but since you only use a hair mark once a week I was able to remember on weekends to use it. My hair is SO SOFT after using the mask and so much more manageable. Anyone with long curly hair  will know that our hair tangles in no wind at all, which is usually why I wear ponytails so much. I am so happy to have learned about hair masks. The above and below pictures are ones I posted on Instagram. When I used the hair mask I wrapped my hair up and secured it a large clip.

I did use all four products sent to me for free (note disclosure: no monetary compensation was received) and actually the daily use conditioner is gone already, only because I have been using the products now for about 3 weeks and I conditioner every day but I choose to shampoo only a couple times a week (advice from a colorist friend of mine). I do regularly use conditioner, shampoo and leave in conditioner.

I like to use a leave-in conditioner when I am exposing my hair to harmful elements in the air, like when we have a campfire which we do often or if I will be in the sun for long periods, or when we are swimming. And if you know my family at all, it means I pretty much use a leave-in conditioner every day in the summer. We live at the pool, which means chlorine and prolonged sun exposure and we would have a campfire in the backyard or while camping every week if weather allows.

I did not notice any change in shine of my hair, but that is because curly hair doesn't show the shine as easily as straight hair, but I did notice that over the course of using the products my hair has become softer, but softer hair isn't something you can pick up in a picture.

If you would like to try out NuNaat Products, you can find them at Wal-Greens and Wal-Mart and beauty supply stores.

You can find out more information about NuNAAT and all their products online at:

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