Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#ad Review: FastMile No-Tie Shoe Laces

My Thoughts:

I have the admit at first I was a bit skeptical that these FastMile No-Tie Shoe Laces would work. I am not sure why I doubted them because I just bought my daughter a new band for her swim goggles that are just like this and it works awesome and is so much better.

For the price (right now they are under $12) you can't beat it for 3 of them!!!! We have used 2 of them already and plan to put the third pair in the shoes of one of my kids, but I think I will have to buy more because they will be jealous if one gets a pair and the other doesn't.

My husband and I both put them in our running shoes. The can be inserted quickly and easily. They tighten very easily as well and you trim them to fit whatever length you need, so they can easily be used on adult shoes and children's shoes. My husband has a size 15 running shoe and the length was long enough to fit those and still have a bit to cut off.

As far as the performance goes, these are just so awesome. I can easily slide my foot in and out when I need to, but the elastic hold tight as well. When I go running and if a shoe was too loose or tight I would have to stop and untie and adjust which took time and sometimes you don't always get it right (you know how weird it feels if a shoe isn't tied with the correct amount of pressure) and you may have to do it again. Well, these laces make it so quick and easy. Plus, no longer do I have to worry about laces coming untied.

Product Description from FastMile:

SIMPLE AND QUICK INSTALATION. One size fits all – 47 inches length – easy to adjust with no tools required. Recommended installing while the foot is inserted in the shoe to allow for a more custom feel. Installation instructions included in packaging.

- EASY TO USE. Very convenient for children, elderly and those with limited mobility – no need for tying shoes. Perfect time saver – never worry about tying your shoes again during any activity. Universal black color shoelaces suit all shoe styles.

- SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Runners, Athletes, Triathletes, Fitness, Walking, Hiking, Soccer, Cycling, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Yoga enthusiasts, Men and Women, Kids and Seniors, Individuals with Special Needs.

- COMFORTABLE. Elastic cords distribute pressure of laces evenly over your feet and are more comfortable than any regular laces. It gives you better feel and allows increasing your performance during any activity. Strong lace lock keeps your laces at perfect tightness. Reflective cords increase your visibility and safety.

- LIFETIME 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Join thousands of satisfied customers and take advantage of our Lifetime 100% Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee offer NOW! No hassle, no questions asked.

I was sent the above product for the purpose of reviewing it on this blog. All thoughts, opinions and photographs belong to me. No monetary compensation was received.

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