Friday, April 17, 2015

Hand Made Pottery Moon & Stars Wind Chime

When I made and strung together this Moon and Stars Pottery Wind Chime that I made for my mother for Christmas, it really made me think about how different the clay sounds. I had not thought much about it before this one was put together and I found out how different the moon sounded from the stars.

The clay was slab rolled and the moon and stars are all the same thickness. I had hand stamped texture in to the moon to give it a crater look.

As for the sounds, the stars make a higher clinky sound but the moon make a lower clunking sound. I now need to think of a new idea so I can try to recreate these same sounds. I was very intrigued by the different sounds and want to experiment with that more.

Next week I will share the final wind chime I made. This last one I made for myself.


Lavende L. said...

What a cute idea! Does it sound magical in the wind? Looks like a lot of fun.

harriet said...

That is so creative. I would totally hang that in my garden

Sandy Klocinski said...

How cute. That would look nice at my front entry