Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Try It Tuesday: Alpaca Craft

This quirky looking alpaca craft was inspired by this living alpaca that we visited and then my son told me he wanted to make an alpaca. And since I could not find any children's alpaca projects on pinterest, I had to come up with my own and this is what I want to share with you.

Decide on the color your alpaca will be and gather your supplies to suit that color: construction paper, felt, yarn, glue scissors, googly eyes, and a paper plate or piece of cardboard.

If using a paper plate, just cut out the inside circle; if using cardboard you will need to trace a bowl on it to cut out a good circle. Cut out a piece of felt that is the same size.
To make the nose I started by cutting out a rectangle and folding in half. Unfold and then fold in corners to make the diagonal creases shown above. Next cut rounded edges on the two front edges (only one is shown cut, but make two of them rounded.)
Fold the back so that the center is bent and the back edges meet (tape in to place if you prefer). Look at the top picture to see how the nose looks. Glue in to place.

Cut out two ears from the construction paper and a tongue and glue in to place. Glue on yarn pieces and googly eyes.

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