Friday, June 27, 2014

New Canning Labels from Lovable Labels and 10% OFF!

Do you enjoy canning? I DO! Every year I can a couple different things and switch up what I make. Usually I make Strawberry Freezer Jam and use canning jars to store them. I also recently shared a recipe with you for Canned Pear Sauce and I like to make either a pear sauce or an Apple Sauce every year. And just over a week ago I shared with you my recipe to make Strawberry Rhubarb Compote. Yum! We are going to have good eatin's all winter long. But I don't just preserve food for myself. Every year I pick a couple new items to can that I will give to the grandparents of my husband and myself and give them as Christmas gifts to them. I can't wait to give them their Christmas presents this year with this beautiful Canning Labels from Lovable Labels.

Both pictures in this post are from Lovable Labels. I want my canning to look so nice too! Below I have included a coupon code so you can get 10% off canning labels (or ANYTHING from the Lovable Labels website). The original price for the canning labels is $14.95, but you can get 10% off that!

The labels in 3 different styles (jar toppers, jar labels or write-on) and in 4 different patterns (country, dotty dots, mayan, and flower power.) I think I will choose the Write-On Labels in Flower Power Pattern. I am not sure what else I will make and because I rotate what I make every year.

Quantity and Dimensions:

Jar Toppers: 24 Labels per pack
4.7 cm x 4.7 cm (1 7/8" x 1 7/8")

Jar Labels: 28 Labels per pack
6.73 cm x 3.05 cm (2 3/4" x 1 1/5")

Write-On Labels 45 Labels per pack
6.73 cm x 3.05 cm (2 3/4" x 1 1/5")

10% Off Coupon Code: JessicaSMLB1

Come back Next Month after I receive my labels and I will post my review and host a GIVEAWAY for one Lucky Reader to WIN their own set.


Leila Kennedy said...

I'm a fan of Lovable Labels and this is fantastic! I never thought of canning labels (although I must admit I am new to canning). This is great! I look forward to your giveaway!

Julie said...

These are very nice looking labels that would make my canning look extra special when used as gifts!