Thursday, February 26, 2015

2 FREE Drinks from Caribou Coffee

Do you have a Caribou Coffee around you? Or near anywhere you might go a couple times a year?

We have one just a few miles away, so for me it makes sense to sign up at and get 2 FREE drinks from Caribou Coffee.

The first one is a FREE Medium Beverage when you sign up. You can sign up with a gift "card" from Caribou or just sign up with your cell phone #. You can choose to have the perk emailed and/or texted to you. To claim it, you just need to give them your card or the phone number on the account.

The second one is a FREE beverage (not sure on the sign yet until I get mine) on your birthday. Their website says most perks are good for 7 days unless otherwise stated (like the 1st one).

You also have the opportunity to earn more perks whenever you give your card or phone number when you purchase anything there. Their website says that they perks can vary from size upgrades to a free bakery item or free Caribou drinks.

So, why wait. SIGN UP TODAY!

1 comment:

Parris S. said...

I wished we had one nearby. They sell it though in my local grocery. Great coffee.