Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY Dinosaur Pen Holder for ONLY $1

This was the homemade present that my son made for his dad this Christmas. My husband had said he needed a pen holder (I think he was thinking I would have the kids make a pottery one), but my son & I had other ideas. I had shown my son how they made a toothbrush holder in a similar fashion (except they drilled all the way through).

I helped my son with the drill, but he thought it was pretty cool that he was using a drill even with help.

It is simple enough to make this. We just drilled holes in through the top. The dinosaur was something we picked up at the dollar store.


tara pittman said...

What a cool way to reuse toys. We have a dino that would work for this

brianne-Just Trying To Save Money said...

my kiddos would love this!! super cute!

Uplifting Families said...

This is a cute idea and a great way to preserve one of your child's favorite toys when they are too old to play with it.

premar88 said...

My niece would love these its very creative