Saturday, February 28, 2015

#ad #Disneyside Cars Theme Party

I was chosen to host a #Disneyside party with a Cars theme. Considering I have a preschool son as one of my kids, this is a pretty exciting party. He couldn't wait to dig in the box and see what we all have. You can see the unveiling in the video below. This is a picture of everything and my excited son.

I wanted to give you a close up picture of different items in the box. This is picture of all the Cars themed items.

This is a picture of all the "other" Disney and Mickey items. I had seen an idea where a mom had laminated the chore charts. I didn't have a laminator, but thought that was a great idea,

These are all the other non-Disney items we had to try out or review or share at our party.

Since I am a crafty mom, we had some fun being crafty with our food and well, with crafts. I had a Mickey metal cookie cutter, so I was able to use black and red pony beads to make this Mickey Magnet (just glue a magnet to the back). You melt the pony beads in the oven while inside a metal cookie cutter.

We had some "Cars" snacks of apple slices and grapes. I have also see this done with Orange slices and blueberries.

We decided to make Popcorn Krispies and form them in our Mickey pan, They are basically the same thing as making Rice Krispie bars, but we used air popped popcorn. Preschoolers has a lot of fun pouring popcorn in the air popper and watching them pop. You would have thought I did something magic when you watched them over the popcorn maker.

We also did a fun Cars Paper plate craft project that they thought was a lot of fun.

Don't you just love this idea to use Nacho Cheese Bugles as traffic cones. So much fun! It's a toy and a snack!


Stacy Tilton said...

Looks like you had lots of fun with the party!

tara pittman said...

I love the jello made from the cake pan. I need to try that

Jamie Tomkins said...

Love that video - did his smile ever stop?? Adorable!!! Hope you had a fun party!!

Heidi Bee said...

I love the little cars made out of apples and grapes! That is so creative! This was such an amazing opportunity, looks like you had fun!

Patricia said...

How fun!! I miss the birthday parties and parties in general when my son was younger. Everything looks great.