Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Art Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter's 9th birthday party was an Art Theme. We did it at our home and here are some of the ideas I had:

  • Palette Cupcakes (those are Spree candies for the paint)
  • Easels made from popsicle sticks (hot glues together) with paint chips as their name plates
  • Gave each child a colorful apron to use and take home
  • Tied her balloons to a watercolor palette for her to keep
  • Set up art stations for each of the kids to paint at (one project was an underwater sealife painting)
  • Decorated storage containers (metal cans I had sprayed painted in advance) with duct tape, milk lids, chalk paint and twine
  • Gave each child a set of paint brushes and a foam brush to use for their painting project and take home 

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