Friday, February 19, 2016

T-Rex Moon Pottery Wall Art

This is a pottery wall art piece I made for my son's big boy room. I did it by slab rolling out my clay and then carving in to it. Because of the clear glaze reflecting, it is hard to see the texture on the clay. I used a Makin's USA Clay Texture sheet with a wood grain texture to make the skin texture.

And because of the reflection of the glaze, you can't see that it says "I Love You to the Moon and Back", which is why the T-Rex has a moon shape for an eye. My son is a dinosaur lover, so that is what I did the T-Rex Head.

It took a couple of weeks of drying the piece between to thick pieces of wood . It didn't get a lot of air flow, so it took longer to dry, but I really didn't want it to curl. So, I have learned to allow 2-3 weeks for drying before I fire it the first time, then I have been able to keep a piece flat.

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