Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Week - Day 4

Well, today we finally got to the egg carton crafts I had planned earlier in the week. Hopefully you saw those posts. We did walk to the park & had a picnic there, more outdoor play (which means less tv time - yea!) and we made the pinecone birdfeeder, which was a bonus. The other fun activity we did was paint my daughter's nails.

She requested this and she likes it to be "fun" so her fingernails switch back & forth between a bright pink and a purple and her toes are the same bright pink and a peach color. Now the great thing about this nail polish is that it is water based and has NO odor. The no odor is fantastic! It is also very long-lasting as well. This nail polish is made by Honeybee Gardens and I bought it from

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