Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Week - Day 3

Today, I took a 2-mile walk with my son & some new friends. The baby boys slept through us getting tot he park, so we didn't stay to play. There was lots of outside play again and I hung a load on the clothesline. We're still doing good on using the g diapers, but I am using a regular diaper at nighttime. We also went to a local park/lake to pick up trash using the pick-up sticks my husband made last year.

Happy Birthday to my husband! My daughter & I made him a MONSTER Monster cookie for his "cake". If you are looking to use up some peanut butter & oatmeal, this is the recipe for you. We needed to go buy M&M's, but other than that we used what ingredients we had, which meant substituting cashews that we had for peanuts that we didn't have.

We still haven't gotten around to either egg carton craft I had planned. Can't do everything all the time.

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